Industrial IoT Platform

Move to Industry 4.0 with the ThingsOn Industrial IoT platform.

End-to-End Platform for Industry 4.0

ThingsOn is an Industrial IoT platform that combines OT data collection, machine analytics, data integration, application enablement and more. From predictive maintenance to asset health monitoring, from OEE optimization to MES, it makes it possible to reach measurable value from data.

Industrial IoT Platform

Data collection

Collect data from OT assets

ThingsOn Industrial IoT Platform offers widely used integrated communication protocols that allow you to easily connect and collect data from PLCs, SCADAs and Historian. In this way, it is very easy to collect data from its source.

iiot data collection

Data Storage

Easily store IIoT data

ThingsOn Industrial IoT Platform provides a great infrastructure for Big Data. The high-performance database, which allows you to save data in JSON, Key-Value and Time series formats, saves large amounts of data without any problems.

iot platform database

Data Analytics

Improve processes with data analytics

ThingsOn Industrial IoT Platform has built-in analytical tools that enable you to extract measurable value from your data. Build analytical functions, gain insights, find root causes, send alerts or automate tedious tasks using ready-made blocks. 

iot platform data analytics

Application Enablement

Build IIoT applications

The dashboard designer that comes with the ThingsOn Industrial IoT Platform allows you to create powerful applications in minutes without the need for coding. Design your board in minutes by dragging and dropping elements, add widgets to create graphs and charts, change colors and fonts. Add data imported from sensors or a database to the dashboard.

iot platform dashboard

Data Integration

Integrate with enterprise systems

One of the biggest challenges for companies in the process of implementing Industrial IoT (IIoT) is how to transfer IIoT data to enterprise IT systems. ThingsOn has tools that make this pretty easy. It provides a secure and fast connection between IIoT devices and enterprise IT systems.

iot platform data integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about the Industrial IoT Platform

ThingsOn Industrial IoT Platform is a centralized software for collecting, processing, managing, visualizing and transferring data from industrial machines, sensors and various different OT assets to enterprise systems. A smart platform designed to fit all needs, ThingsOn offers a high level of customization to perfectly fit your company's industrial IoT needs.

ThingsOn Industrial IoT Platform is designed to help companies of all sizes and industries make better business decisions. It provides a platform that allows businesses to connect their systems, data and processes with the Internet of Things (IoT). It allows companies to build and manage their own IoT solutions without the need for a dedicated IT team.

ThingsOn Platform has many advantages including:

- Real-time sensor data monitoring,

- Data analytics and insights,

- Data interoperability with other platforms,

- Automated workflows for process automation,

- Flexibility - allows you to scale your solution in minutes by adding new devices or connecting to other systems,

- Scalability - As your business grows, you can add new devices without having to worry about growing your solution,

- Security - Data is encrypted and only visible to certain users and devices,

- Easy integration - Take advantage of existing pre-built integrations or easily develop your own,

- Customize it according to your needs - The platform comes with a dashboard designer on which you can have full control.

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